Dennis Begos Grant is the initiative of a general surgeon.

Dennis Begos, who has decades of experience in the medical field.

Dennis Begos Grant

Higher Education Cost

Dennis Begos is conscious of the higher education cost in the US, the expenditures are quite high compared to other countries in the world.

Talent Based

Dennis Begos Grant program was initiated by the surgeon, which is a talent-based and merit-oriented reward for those candidates so that they do not need to return the amount, like the way they take education loans at an exorbitant rate of interest from traditional banks or financial institutions.

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The Dennis Begos Grant was established by general surgeon Dennis Begos to support students who want to pursue a career in the medical field.

Dennis Begos is a general surgeon who has decades of experience in the medical field.

Dennis Begos is currently the president of medical staff at Winchester Hospital. Previously, he held the position of Chairman of the Department of Surgery for ten years.

Dr. Dennis Begos, M.D. completed his general surgery residency at Yale University. In his final year at Yale, he became the Chief Resident. Afterwards, he pursued a one-year fellowship at Cleveland Clinic, specializing in rectal and colon surgery. There, he worked with some of the best doctors, not only in the field, but also in the world.

Dennis Begos is respected for his dedication to advancing the medical community. As such, he is also dedicated to offering financial help to a deserving US student. He is well regarded in the medical field profession because of his commitment to helping students from low-income backgrounds who otherwise would not be able to afford a medical education.

Dennis Begos is a renowned rectal and colon specialist practicing in Stoneham, Massachusetts, and is associated with other several hospitals in the region as well. Dennis Begos has worked in the healthcare industry for over two decades. He specializes in the detection and treatment of the lower digestive area of patients, including the diagnosis of colon cancer.

Dennis Begos knows that it is next to impossible for many students who do not come from affluent backgrounds to afford the cost of higher education, much less medical school, in the United States. For many students, even receiving loans does not help them much, since they are required to pay back loans and accrue interest. This is why Dennis Begos initiated the Dennis Begos Grant, an award based on talent and merit.

The expenses associated with an advanced education degree in the US are ever-increasing. Students are often forced to choose between pursuing their dreams of becoming a medical professional and taking on thousands of dollars of debt or pursuing another career that is less costly. To alleviate this burden, Dennis Begos is offering the amount of $1,000 to the most deserving student in the country.

The Dennis Begos Grant program has been designed to specifically help low-income students in the US who want to pursue higher education. Dr. Dennis Begos knows that the cost of education is a burden that no lower-income student should bear.

Dennis Begos Grant Eligibility

The most deserving candidate must be an incoming or current freshman, sophomore, or junior currently enrolled in an accredited college or university.

Dennis Begos Grant Application Instructions:

The Dennis Begos Grant will provide one-time financial assistance to a deserving student for writing an essay on the following topic:

“The Diagnosis, Treatment, and Cure of Colo-rectal Problems in Humans.”

Deadline: April 1, 2021

Applicants must email their application essay as a Word Document attachment to

In the body of the email, applicants should also include:

  • First Name and Last Name
  • Primary Phone Number
  • Mailing Address
  • Email Address
  • Expected Date of Graduation (YYYY.MM.DD)
  • University/college name

The finalist will be informed of their status via email on May 15, 2021.

Recipient’s name will be published on

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Dennis Begos grew up just outside of New York City and has lived and practiced in the Boston suburbs for the last 20 years

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Dennis Begos grew up just outside of New York City and has lived and practiced in the Boston suburbs for the last 20 years.  After graduating from the University of Rochester with a BS degree in neuroscience, he spent 2 years studying medicine at the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland.

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